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Debunking Post Explanting

Why 4 Weeks Post Explanting Healing Isn't Enough For Scars + Aftercare work AND How Over Detoxing Actually Can Be Counterproductive

I sat down with Kendra Toothill, Scar Expert, Anatomy Geek, Trusted Health Guide, Athletic Therapist to discuss things she hears from women who have explanted that aren't necessarily accurate.

debunk #1 - 4 weeks post-explant isn't enough for scars

Shae Invidiata 

Hey guys, Shae and Kendra coming to you here. We wanted to jump in and share with you some things that we've been hearing around post-surgery from explanting that maybe need to be debunked a little bit, reframed or provide some better information added to the situation. As we have launched the RECLAIM: Explant Embodiment Retreat we thought this would be really important for women out there to hear who have gone through this.

So Kendra, give it to us. What are like three things that should be kind of debunked a bit or need more information?

Kendra Toothill

I think the biggest one that I hear is the care of the scars. It's pretty common that you receive some sort of guideline around how to massage the scar. However, in the way that I work the scars, I've been working with scars for over 10 years now, and the way that we should be working with the scars is very precise and there's actually a progress. I work with a woman in phases and there's many different phases all the way to like phase five and sometimes six phases. It is very important to go all the way through so that you can maximize the benefit, not just locally at the scar, but improving the mobility and the movement and the circulation and the flow of the whole body.

Usually women are told to use a certain type of oil and I actually suggest my, all of my clients to use a specific type of magnesium gel. All the women who are coming to our retreats will receive this gel as part of a gift from us. They get great results and benefits from this. I've been using this specific magnesium gel for about eight years on all my clients. There are women that are told from their surgeons once their scars have actually healed, then they can touch again and that doing touch work for four weeks is sufficient on the scars.

Shae Invidiata 

Would you say yes or no to that?

Kendra Toothill

I'd say hell no!!

Shae Invidiata 

Okay. So when you say like phases, what type of timeframe are you referring to? Is six months, is that a year? Should it be for the rest of your life? What is that timeframe?

Kendra Toothill Luckily, it will not be for the rest of your life because there's a progressive way that we actually break down the scar tissue and the adhesions.

Typically it's anywhere between three to six months, depending on the healing. There's a few variables that, need to be taken into account for example if there are infections while healing where the scars are.

Shae Invidiata 

But it's definitely longer than the prescribed (4 weeks) amount that you just mentioned that more doctors recommend. So ladies, we need to be working on our scars more consistently over a period of time, not just a few weeks or four weeks.

I guess it's kind of like the analogy of thinking of going to the gym for only four weeks. I cannot expect to see results and lose weight in just 4 weeks. I need to be doing consistent action over a certain period of time.

Kendra Toothill

Absolutely. If you wanna have this goal in the gym, but you keep the same program, for six months you're going to get stagnate. Nothing's really gonna change. We don't want that. Especially when we're talking about this area as being an area of vitality and health and femininity and all that good stuff.

DUBUNK #2 - once i'm done my aftercare protocol that's enough

Kendra Toothill

The second one that I wanna talk about is just the total aftercare. There's not a lot of actual aftercare given. I always give the example of if you break a bone: you get a cast and then you take the cast off and they say, awesome, your cast is off. Go do life. Go play sport. Go cook. Go clean. You know, do your thing. And that is so far from the truth. When I am working through a progressional kind of process with women who've removed their implants.

#1. We’re doing breath-work, which is so important - you get to move the scar from the inside out. So powerful for so many different reasons. #2. With movement, there's a way to actually use movement to start to open and close the scar. So that's like the physical ways as far as the rehab protocol.

#3. Then there's a whole thing that both Shae and I will be doing for your emotional and mental health as well. This is a huge component and I don't think that's really spoken about at all.

It's so crucial and it doesn't matter if you've had your breast implants removed recently or a decade ago, a lot of that emotional stuff is still wrapped up into the scar, into the whole experience. And so we really wanna liberate that with all of the tools that we will be offering in the retreat.

There's emotional stuff still wrapped up into the scar..and so we really want to liberate that with all of the tools that we will be offering in the retreat.

debunk #3 - you can never detox too much

Shae Invidiata 

Hey guys, Kendra and Shae here, your host of RECLAIM: Explant Embodiment Retreat we wanted to share another debunking or maybe needing to add some clarity to some information for women who have explanted. Once you take these toxic substances out of your body, there is a flushing and a detox process that your body's naturally going to go through. You can also do detoxes yourself to enhance that flushing process. And like anything, if you do too much of one thing and any extreme, it can be harmful to the body. Kendra wanted to share some thoughts around this idea that we need to continuously detox. In Kendra’s experience this is very common to hear from women who Kendra works with.

Kendra, bring it to us. Give it to us.

Kendra Toothill

I have a lot of women that I see in person in my clinic and even online. Just like Shae said, rightfully so, there should be some sort of detoxing purification process that's happening.

You know though we don’t need to do it all at once. Depending on what phase of healing and where you are in your healing journey detoxing can be very stripping and it can be very depleting. It can actually counterintuitive what we're trying to do. When we're stripping too much, it can create effects that we're not looking for. I am always advising the clients and women that I speak to, to choose the right time to be doing detoxing programs. It doesn't always necessarily need to be like this specific way through medication, food or a tincture.

There's many different ways and angles to come at detoxing. One of the ways that I like to do it, that's very natural, easy on the body is to do it through movement. When you compare some of these detoxing tools with movement, it makes it really powerful and you don't feel like you need to do them all at once in a way that could be damaging and depleting to the physical and energetic health of your body while you're trying to replenish and reclaim your body after explanting.

"these techniques that Kendra is referring to, we are going to be bringing this in daily to our retreat"

Shae Invidiata 

Totally and super exciting because some of these techniques that Kendra is referring to, we are going to be bringing this in daily on our retreat. A lot of them, I've learned through Kendra and as I am one of Kendra's clients. That's how this all came together was I found Kendra and I was like, YES, YOU, we need to do something together!!

We've got to bring this retreat to women. When you think of things such as movement as a detox, it's like how is this not the norm?! It's amazing that there's things you can do on the outside that actually have this benefit on the inside AND Kendra's gonna walk us through different flushing techniques around movement that allows for the body to start pushing things out.

book your discovery call with us!

It's really going to be exciting. Thank you for sharing that, Kendra. Ladies you can go for more information.

If you are watching this and you have explanted, we would love to connect with you!!

You can set up a discovery call. Our DMs are also always open, so drop us a line anytime!

know a woman who has explanted?

And if you haven't explanted and you're watching this and you know a woman who has, we'd love for you to share this with them. The heartbeat behind what Kendra and I are building here and creating is to bring this into the world so that women who have gone through this know that this is available for them to serve them, and we wanna meet them where they're at on their healing journey and help to strengthen that process, moving through restoration, rejuvenation, and realignment of the self, physically, mentally, and emotionally.

Thanks for watching and we'll see you guys next time!

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