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Biggest Lesson I’ve Learned From Explanting

Updated: Sep 6, 2022

SILICONE FREE 3 Months Today!

Happy June!! Today is June 2nd! And it is a really special day for me because today marks the third full month since I had my explant surgery, which was on March 2nd.

I want to first thank each of you who have journeyed with me; I am so grateful for your thoughts and prayers, but also your questions. It is the questions that start to open new doors of discovery.

If you are reading this, then you are on my blog! I launched my blog on Friday May 27th so women can easily follow my journey in more depth and have better access to the resources I share. I also created an ebook for women who have booked their explant surgery. This is a great guide to help you prepare and get organized for explant surgery and offers some tips and checklists for things you might think about.

Over these past few months post surgery I was thinking about all that I have learnt and really what's been the most important takeaway for me in this entire process. And this is what I want to share with you, my sister’s, with women who have breast implants regardless if you are considering to remove your implants or not. And even for all the men out there who know women who have breast implants, I think this is equally as important for men to become aware of Breast Implant Illness (BII). There's a lot of men who who want their girlfriends or spouses to get implants, many who really have pressured females, especially younger girls to get implants. It is just as important that men understand the health risks that are associated with breast implants as it is for females.

I think this is equally as important for men to become aware of Breast Implant Illness (BII)

the day before my surgery

The day before my surgery, you have to do all these protocols to get ready for surgery, get blood tests done, pregnancy test, etc including a breast ultrasound.

When my ultrasound results came back, the doctor told me that both my breast implants had been leaking. It wasn’t a rupture, but it was still leaking. My silicone implants with cohesive gel had been leaking. I was super emotional that day. I walked out of the hospital saying “thank God my surgery is tomorrow morning because had I have been told this news three months prior, five months prior, it would have been that much more difficult emotionally and mentally for me to handle, knowing like I have this toxic poison leaking into my body.

It made me wonder if the sporadic, but consistent red spot flare ups that I was having all over my body was the silicone gel was seeping through at that time. AND we'll never know, unfortunately. No doctor is going to be able to say yes, no doctor is going to be able to say no. No one can confirm or deny. But intuitively, I believe that this is what was causing my flare ups. And now only time will tell, after removing my implants, am I going to have any more red spots appear?

I will honestly share that along the way. As of now, 3 months post explanting I have had no flare ups.

As of now, 3 months post explanting I have had no flare ups.

When I walked out of the hospital I was thinking, “why is this the first time I'm doing a breast ultrasound?” And ladies, I'm not talking about doing regular breast checkups, like when you go for your physical or if you're over 40, you do a mammogram.

I'm not over 40 so I didn't have to do one for surgery clearance. But this process really made me think why aren’t women with implants being told they MUST do a breast ultrasound AT LEAST EVERY 12 MONTHS!?!

We should be doing them at least once a year. Learning what I did about my implants made me think, I should have been doing ultrasounds every six months. In all seriousness, at least once a year to go and get a breast ultrasound to make sure that nothing was leaking or wrong.

My biggest takeaway and lesson is: get a breast ultrasound done at least once a year!

This was my the biggest takeaway and lesson. I know that the decision to explant is not an easy one. I know that it's hard. And I would encourage you that if you have implants and if you want to keep your implants, get an ultrasound done at least one time a year. I cannot stress that enough.

Your health is worth the money

I wish surgeons would instruct and encourage women to do this. You might not feel or see anything, and if you do, you may never think that your symptoms could be related to your implants. And if something is going on that they could visibly see, not only are you able to address the problem, but it could save you from much further health complications! If you are in Canada you know we have healthcare that will cover getting a breast ultrasound done. If you aren't in Canada and you don't have health coverage, you can go get breast ultrasounds done for $80-$140 USD.

Your health is SO worth spending the money.

That is my takeaway. It's the biggest ah-ha moment. It's the biggest lesson that I learned in all of this is the importance of women who have implants, whether you want to keep them or not, please do yourself a big favor and make sure you're doing an ultrasound at least one time of year.

I am getting stronger every day. If you're following my stories on Instagram, you are seeing, I'm able to run now! I'm able to lift a little heavier.

I’m healing, I'm healing every day. Thank you everybody for all of your love and support.

i love hearing from you!

If you have questions about anything drop me a line in the comments below or send me a DM on IG @ShaeInvidiata I would love to connect with you!

And of course, as always feel free to share this with any woman that you know, that this might help serve. That's why I'm sharing my story.

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