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Shae + Co. 

The healing journey that is calling you home to yourself


You Are Courageous
+ Beautiful

I had explant surgery to remove my breast implants of 11 years on March 2, 2022.

There was a lot to think about in preparing for surgery and my healing journey afterwards.

There were things that I wish I thought about beforehand to buy, pack or prep for. Along with other things that I did to prepare myself mentally and physically for the massive change that was about to happen to my body and in my body.

I created this e-book with my tips, recommendations, and checklists that will help guide you through the process.

I am proud of you for making this decision as it is not an easy one.

You are courageous and beautiful!!

AND you are NOT alone!

I would love to hear how your surgery goes and learn more about your decision to explant.

You can email me anytime!

I Created This Ebook With YOU In Mind!

My Intention For You

When we honour ourselves and our bodies that is the highest act of self love we can give to ourself.

You were created with such eloquent intelligence, and since you put implants in your body she has been trying to restore and clean your home.

My intention in creating this ebook is to offer you things that you might not think of yes, but, as you prep for surgery I want to remind you of the beautiful Divine Feminine woman you are calling back in by removing these toxic foreign objects from your body.

May you remember her worthiness + greatness


visit my explant blog

made for you! 

When I decided to share my decision to explant, I asked if women would be interested I started a blog. 

Not only to share my journey in greater detail but a place for me to provide different resources that you will find helpful!



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