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Heavy Metal Detox: My Go To Juice Post Surgery

Updated: May 18, 2022

Anything green goes....just make sure you include Cilantro

Why Cilantro: After surgery you want to cleanse your body from chemicals, heavy metals and the anesthesia that was injected in you in order to perform surgery. Cilantro is one one of the best herbs that acts as a heavy metal cleanser as it binds to metals in the body to them flush them out.

Cilantro binds to heavy metals found in the body

At the same time we want to start flushing out the toxic build up that has been occuring in our body because of the breast implants.

my heavy metal juice Recipe

There is no right or wrong here, but when I think about cleansing the body, I want to include fruits and veggies that have anti-inflammatory, immune repairing, and cleansing properties.

This is my go-to recipe, but feel free to play around with your green mocktail!

My Ingredients:

Make sure to buy organic veggies and fruits. We want to make sure our food is real (no GMO) and has not been lathered with chemicals, round up, pesticides, and/or glyphosate.

This batch will usually give me 2-3 glasses

  • 4 stalks of celery

  • 2 handfuls of cilantro

  • 1 granny smith apple

  • 3 fingers of tumeric

  • 3 fingers of ginger

  • 3 leafs of kale or handful of spinach

  • 1 carrot

  • 1 beet (small-medium sized)

  • 1/2 head of fennel

  • organic pressed orange juice

Juice away: let the pressing begin!

  1. Wash all your veggies and fruit

  2. I chop everything up into small pieces to make sure that it will fit through the juicer with no issues

  3. Put your veggies + fruit through your juicer: I love seeing all the vibrant colours!

  4. If you find that the taste of this juice is too intense on it's own, pour half of the juice into a glass and then fill it up with the organic orange juice!

  5. Any extra juice, store in your fridge and enjoy later on!

The Juicer I have

There are many juicers out there. The question always becomes which one is the one to get. When I first starting doing my research on different brands and machines, the main concern I had was to make sure that there was enough power in the machine so that the food would not get stuck in the middle of juicing.

There are many juicers that are probably better than the one I have, but they are also a lot more in price too.

I really like this juicer, I have one in Canada and never had any issues with it, so I bought it again for my home down in Costa Rica. It requires you to be a little more hands on, in that you will need to manually keep putting your fruits and veggies through. Unlike some of the more expensive machines, where you just throw everything in at the same time and it presses out the juice.

For the money, I love this juicer. I am not an affiliate with this company and do not make anything by recommending their product.

Click Here to read more on the juicer.

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