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Bone Broth: for the healing in you.

Updated: Jun 9, 2022

Your healing after any surgery is dependant on your aftercare.

Still having heavy metals and toxins in my body from the anesthesia from surgery and toxins from my breast implants, bone broth was a no brainer to be consuming to repair my gut and immune system.

On top of which, bone broth is so incredible for your skin and would help with how my scars would heal, sooo sign me up. During my first couple months of healing, I was drinking lots of bone broth as it has SO many healing properties is fantastic to aid in a healthy and strong immune system. Bone broth for the win!

My best friend Jessica is the QUEEN of DIY goodness things, including healing remedies and health creations in the kitchen.

I thought I would share her Bone Broth recipe as she’s nailed it in the bone broth making world! hehe

Here is a recent post from @JessGansneder

I’ve been making bone broth for years and haven’t nailed the coveted gelatinous consistency until now. ✨

Glory. 🙌🏼

Bone broth is so nourishing and healing to the body. If you are looking to heal your gut, improve your skin, help your joints or support your immune system — bone broth can help.

It is so simple and affordable to make that I would only buy it if I was in a pinch for time.

Okay…let’s get to it.

What Jessica used…👇🏼 Your List of Ingredients

✔️ Bones from cows that were grass fed. Choose joint bones — your local meat shop, butcher or rancher will be able to guide you if you are unsure.

✔️ Organic tomato paste to help break down all the good connective tissues in the bones.

✔️ Filtered water. A must. Don’t make this beautiful broth with poisonous tap water 🥴

✔️ Organic carrots, celery, and onion. This doesn’t need to be pretty. You can save the scraps from previous dishes and freeze them until you are ready to make bone broth. You can add herbs too!

✔️ I season with salt (@crucialfour) and garlic and peppercorns.

Use Filtered water! Don’t make this beautiful broth with poisonous tap water

Jessica's process: Let’s Get Started

✔️Roast the bones with tomato paste for about 30-45 min at 400°. You just want them to look “roasty”. 🙃

✔️ Add them to Instapot, fill with a little filtered water.

✔️ Add veggies and fill water to “max” line.

✔️ Add your seasonings. Salt, garlic and peppercorns are my go tos…but you can go wild and add whatever you think would taste good.

✔️ Put on lid. Set to manual 240 minutes. (pssst ….I think this is ✨THE✨ secret to the gelatinous goodness) You’re cooking it long and hard for 4 hours to get the results we are looking for. 🙌🏼

✔️ I let it naturally release but you can do a quick release. Strain veggies and bones in colander. SAVE THE BONES. You can repeat this same process with the same bones 2-3x!! 🤯

✔️ Pour bone broth into large bowl and let it cool in the refrigerator. This will allow the fat to rise the top so that you can scrape it off. Save it and use it for cooking later on. Cooling it in the fridge will also allow you to see how incredibly gelatinous your bone broth is! 🥳

✔️ Store bone broth in fridge or freezer depending on use.

Voilà! 🤌🏼

Insane gelatinous bone broth! ✨👏🏼

SAVE THE BONES. You can repeat this same process with the same bones 2-3x!!

easy to fit into routine

Often times when we try to incorporate new habits into our routine it can be challenging. The bonus with bone broth is that it is super simple to make and it's not an expensive recipe!

AND it's a time saver, you can make a huge batch, keep out what you want to consume and then freeze the rest!

Simple time + money: this makes bone broth making easy to adapt into your life! Try something new. The benefits are worth it!

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