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Flush Out BII + Cleanse The Body

Updated: May 18, 2022

Liver Gallbladder Flush

I shared on Instagram that I was doing a Liver Gallbladder Flush to detox toxins out of my body. I received so many questions from people asking what is a Gallbladder flush? How do you do a flush? Why are you doing it? I thought I would just create this post and a quick video that might be helpful.

Those of you who've been following my journey to remove my breast implants know that four or five years ago, I really started doing different body hacks to figure out what was going on in my body as I was displaying different physical symptoms showing up on my body and having different internal issues going on in my body. In 2020 I started to see a Board Certified Holistic Health Practitioner, Jason Persaud. He's fantastic. If you are in Toronto or in Salmon Arm, BC you really should go see him. Jay will provide you with a full deep dive on what is actually going on in your body, allowing you to specifically address those issues.

One of the first things Jay said to me is that I needed to start doing gallbladder flushes. You have to start to drain the swamp, rid the body of the toxic load and build up that is in your body. Gallstones hold toxins that are stored in the liver and gallbladder. This can cause major disruptions in your body. If you have never done a detox, if you've never done a flush before, then you're probably going to need to do a series of flushes to be able to get rid of the gallstones that have built up and been stored in your body.

Gallstones severely disrupt the performance of the liver, which has over 500 functions — which is why doing a flush is one of the most important things you could ever do for your health.

You would do a flush and then do another in 2-3 weeks, and then do another one in 2-3 weeks. You might need to do 8-12 flushes to actually have everything come out.

When I first started to do Gallbladder flushes, I needed to do 3 before the “pea soup” started to happen. What do I mean by that?! lol Well, you will know the gallbladder flush is working when you see green like stones… or green peas. As Jay, my practitioner says, it will look like pea soup in your toilet!

They're little green stones that end up coming out of you. This flush is a very safe and effective way to remove toxic gallstones out of our body. If you've never done one before, you definitely should be doing them. I'm a huge advocate of consistently cleansing the body.

And for my fellow ladies out there who have just remove their implants or are thinking about removing your implants THIS is definitely something you want to incorporate in your post recovery and your aftercare. Once you’ve removed the chemical toxic implants that have been sitting in your body for however long, for me it was 11 years, this is a powerful way to start flushing your body of those toxins. And it is a super simple thing to do.

You don't need to have had breast implants to do a gallbladder flush. This is a health routine that you should be doing for your body, because we love our body! This is our temple. It's the only one we got. So treat it with lots of love. The Gallbladder flush is SUPER simple. All you need is apple cider vinegar. You need to have cold pressed organic olive oil. You will need organic grapefruits and then epson salts, but they need to be food. That's super, super important. You need food grade Epson salts. If you can't find them at Whole Foods or at a health store, you can get them on Amazon. See below for the ingredients and step by step on how to conduct the full Gallbladder Flush.

During a liver flush, we can safely remove hundreds of stones at a time.


List of Ingredients

● 1 gallon of apple juice (organic and freshly pressed) OR CLEAN water (taps aren't

clean) - if you don't have a Kangen water system, find bottled water (in glass) that has a PH of minimum 7

● 2 oz MetPhos (one bottle) OR ACV (apple cider vinegar)

● 1-2 Organic Grapefruits

● Epsom Salt (food grade)

● Organic, Extra Virgin, Cold Pressed Olive Oil

● Optional sleep aides:

  • Magnesium Bisglycinate

  • Melatonin Liposome Spray

Step 1: Let’s Get Started. 3-4 Days Before:

● Do not eat any fats - this will allow bile to build up in the gallbladder.

● Add 2oz Apple Cider Vinegar (ACV) in a glass of water, drink the 2oz ACV every day 3-4 days out from the flush. The quality of your water matters, should NOT be tap water!

● Be sure to rinse your mouth out with baking soda and/or brush your teeth after drinking the juice to prevent the acid from damaging the teeth.

Step 2: day of flush

ps..TMI.. you will want to be close to your toilet

● Stop eating at 1:00pm the day of the flush - apple juice/water should be finished at this


● 6:00pm - drink 3⁄4 cup water with 1 Tbsp. Epsom Salt

● 8:00 pm - drink 3⁄4 cup water with Tbsp. Epsom Salt

● 10:00 pm - drink 1⁄2 cup olive oil with the juice of 1-2 whole grapefruits

● Go to bed immediately, sleeping on right side

Optional remedies for sleep

■ Magnesium Bisglycinate - 6 caps

■ Melatonin Liposome Spray - 3-6 sprays

Step 3: the NEXT MORNING

● 6:00 am; drink 3⁄4 cup water with 1 Tbsp. Epsom Salt

● 8:00 am; drink 3⁄4 cup water with 1 Tbsp. Epsom Salt


After 10am you can eat, but I usually have to wait even longer.

You may find that you still need to go to the bathroom often and urgently, that is normal.

When I do my flushes, I make sure that I have nothing planned the next day. In case the toilet is still calling!

Step 4: REPEAT.

Repeat every 2-3 weeks or as your health practitioner recommends until the stones are gone. Then do maintenance on your body a couple times a year. I like to do Gallbladder flushes every 4 months, so each quarter. I have these dates automatically set up in my calendar so I don't need to think about anything.

I time block my calendar - this is the breakdown in my calendar

Monday 8-10am : Gallbladder flush this weekend! Drink apple cider + get grapefruit

Friday 1-6pm: Stop eating - Gallbladder Prep

Friday 6-10pm: Gallbladder Flush

Saturday 6-11am: Gallbladder Flush

I set my alarm on my phone that week for 11:15am drink apple cider vinegar

i love hearing from you!

Have questions about the flush or anything else? Put in the comments below or send me a DM on IG @ShaeInvidiata I would love to connect with you!

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