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Move to paradise
or own a piece of it!

Hi, I’m Shae Invidiata

At 36, I packed up my bags to move to Costa Rica.

I purchased 2 properties in the southern part of the country in the pursuit to live the life most people only vacation to.

There are many countries that are surrounded by ocean and beaches, but most important to me in my decision to choose Costa Rica was moving to a country that valued freedom for their people and provided an abundance of natural resources which would allow me to be in harmony with nature and her land.

Since moving to Costa Rica, I have completed a globally recognized Permaculture Course to better understand how to co-exist, take and also replenish from the land.

I have purchased a vehicle here, have needed to utilize the health care system, both private and public, including hospitals...and I have had surgery here as well. I have registered a corporation in Costa Rica and opened an escrow account and bank account.

I have been a licensed realtor in Canada for over 10 years and I have been working with the best realtors in Costa Rica for 10+ years as well.


There is a massive difference in visiting paradise and moving to it!

I am here to share with you what I wish I knew before purchasing and moving to Costa Rica!

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I am here to share with you what I wish I knew before purchasing and moving to Costa Rica!

How to invest +/or move to costa rica

Pura Vida Course

This 12 module course breaks down the main important topics you should consider when thinking to Invest and/or move to Costa Rica!

Time is our most expensive currency.

My course is going to save you so much time and probably some tears!!


Not only have I done the research but I've been through the process of purchasing and moving to Costa Rica!

My Intention For You

That this course would bring ease into your consideration process and alleviate some of the anxiety of the "unknowns" in Costa Rica. That this course would serve helpful in such a way that you (and your family) get so excited about taking this leap, saying yes to a new opening door...

...and come join us in Costa Rica!


With Love + Intention

Pura Vida ✨💛✨


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