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Decisions We Make Dictate The Life We Will Lead. 1 Week Ago

Updated: May 18, 2022

1 week ago today I became silicone free!

My drains are still in; how I feel really is up and down. Many women have told me that once the drains come out your energy increases substantially and I will feel much better.

At times I am fine, and then I feel completely nauseous, queasy and then really exhausted.

Many of you have asked what brought me to my decision and the symptoms I experienced. I will make a video in the upcoming days to share this with you.

I am so curious and interested to see the physical changes and how I feel in my body unfold over the next few weeks and months. As of right now I can say the biggest change I feel right now is being able to take in much deeper breaths.

Breathing in deep

“It's been emotional. Just because you are choosing to make this decision doesn't mean that it will be easy afterwards.”

I have spent extra time this week in meditation focusing on my breathwork. I really am able to feel the difference in my breathing, being able to take in much deeper breaths.

Meditation is a powerful way to work through emotions and to embrace the new change.

What are drains+what are they for?

Depending on your surgery, your surgeon will use drains post your surgery to ensure that any excess fluid build up that occurs is being drained from you. I had a tube inserted on either side of me, a few inches below my armpits, that gets wrapped through the tissue in either breast. In the photo here, the pink pouches are holding the drain sacks.

In order for my drains to come out I needed to be below 10 cc in both breasts. Some women are able to have their drains out in 3 days, other 7-10 days, for me it ended up being on day 13! (so so long!). At the time of this post, I was on day 7, 1 week after surgery.

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