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frequency is a powerful tool

Daily there is something that comes out in the media that reminds me why it is so important for us to know our bodies and understand our health.  Knowledge is the first step: applied knowledge is powerful and it enables us to make informed decisions, where we can take back the ownership over our choices and decisions. Not needing to outsource our trust to systems that are not built with high intentions for us.  We want to continuously have tools in our home that support our health, mind, body and soul.


In August of this year I added the Healy to my life toolbox. 

I have been using different forms of frequency medicine for 5 years, where often times I need to go see a practitioner to receive frequency treatment sessions.  
Now, I have this ability in my own home, with 300 programs to minister to different physical, emotional or energetic imbalances or issues in my body!! So so powerful! ...I have to say my mind has been blown! 

the healy

Get to Know the healy

The Healy runs micro-currents set to correct the acupuncture meridians, the energy centres, and the body's matrix of physical-to-energetic interface.  This is similar to electro-stim acupuncture, only without the needles. Frequency Specific Micro-Current is an advancing modality in wellness and has solid research behind uses such as pain management, neuropathic pain, insomnia, depression, concussion recovery, nervous system regulation, anxiety, headaches, and so much more!

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ready to step into the healy quantum business?

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We are a fierce collective of woman on this mission to elevate our frequencies and by doing so we help elevate the frequency of others.
The ripple effect is global impact!

This is truly a gift that is bringing positive impact and transformation to peoples lives, finances, physical and emotional/mental health, and relationships.   


Our world is in need for leaders to rise up: to speak truth, be love and offer tools for people to choose their energy and elevate their mind, body + soul.


IF any of this resonates with you, if you feel this in your gut, let's jump on a call! I would LOVE to share more about what we are creating and how YOU can step into this frequency with us! 

the world needs your light!✨

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