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Welcome To The Freedom CEO Podcast

It's about becoming the chief decision maker over your life in order to step into a life of freedom.


From business, health, wealth, charity + giving back, to just doing life on YOUR own terms. Because true freedom is not always about a number in your bank account, or having the ability to travel whenever you want.

BUT It’s ALSO about how you feel when you wake up EVERY morning.  The ability to live your life by YOUR design IS waiting for you!! 

In this space I’m going to be bringing you insights not just from me but from incredible thought leaders around the globe to help you start making decisions towards living a life of freedom so you can live a life you love.


And guess what? You deserve it!! 


If you have questions already or want to see a certain topic discussed, email me or send me a DM

I would LOVE to hear from you.


Afterall The Freedom CEO podcast is made for you! 

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Hey there! My name is Shae Invidiata and I am so excited to start this freedom journey with you!!

I have spent over a decade of my life, selling multi-million dollar homes, founding and building a national Non-Profit-Organization that fights human trafficking and exploitation of women and children (Free-Them), speaking on stages and national media outlets, traveling the world and living in multiple countries, to biohacking my body to optimize my health. 


I’m known as an award-winning activist, change maker and a multi-facet Impact Entrepreneur which means we have

A LOT to talk about!!

For years I have wanted to create a podcast that would BRING ALL OF ME TO YOU under one title.

Here It Is!

Welcome To The Freedom CEO!

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