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Explant Pre-Surgery Ebook

Explant Pre-Surgery Ebook


I created this e-book with you in mind!  I had explant surgery to remove my breast implants of 11 years on March 2, 2022.  There was a lot to think about in preparing for surgery and my healing journey afterwards. 

There were things that I wish I thought about beforehand to buy, pack or prep for. Along with other things that I did to prepare myself mentally and physically for the massive change that was about to happen to my body and in my body.

I created an e-book with my tips, recommendations, and checklists that will hopefully help you through the process.

I am proud of you for making this decision as it is not an easy one.

You are beautiful and courageous!!


I would love to hear how your surgery goes and learn more about your decision to explant. 

You can email me anytime!


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